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Creditor Services Advisory
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Creditor Services Advisory

Finley, Colmer and Company performs a variety of services on behalf of secured creditors. Many engagements begin with a situational analysis, where we will work to quickly identify key issues value and develop cash flow projections that allow the interested parties to ascertain going concern relative to liquidation value. From here, we work directly with the secured lenders to properly evaluate their various alternatives.

Business Plan Review

Finley, Colmer has developed and analyzed numerous business plans, and has the experience necessary to quickly identify and evaluate risks, and the opportunities involved. Our review process provides an overview of the situation, including the events that led to the current state of affairs, as well as any steps management has taken to address the issue(s). Furthermore, we assess the going-forward potential of the business including the development of cash flow projections, collateral analysis, and contingency plans including a wind-down of operations.

Forbearance/ Amendment Negotiations

Finley, Colmer advises lenders on the specific structure of both forbearance agreements and amendments to existing agreements. Specific covenants, for example, may involve "step-downs" designed to work through over-advances, which we can help properly design.

Wind-Down / Liquidation Advisory

Finley, Colmer advises lenders on strategies focused on the liquidation of its collateral to repay outstanding obligations.

Inventory Audits

Finley, Colmer provides physical counts and analysis of changes between perpetual reports for borrowing base and adequate protection purposes.

Receiver Function

Finley, Colmer and Company principals have served as court-appointed receivers to manage the orderly liquidation of lender collateral. Upon appointment confirmation, we move quickly to take possession of the related collateral and, whenever possible, strive to identity and work with key employees including any guarantors. We will also quickly develop operating budgets and reporting requirements to ensure the process is run as cost-effective and efficiently as possible.


About Finley, Colmer and Company

Formed in 1991, Finley, Colmer and Company offers corporate, financial, and general management advisory services to middle-market companies and various creditor groups.

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